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TerminationCode Enumeration

Various Dialogic termination conditions.

Namespace:  VoiceElements.Common
Assembly:  VoiceElementsCommon (in VoiceElementsCommon.dll) Version:
public enum TerminationCode
  Member nameValueDescription
Normal0 Normal
MaximumDTMF1 Maximum DTMF digits received.
MaximumSilence2 Maximum Silence occurred.
MaximumNonSilence4 Maximum Non-silence occurred.
Hangup8 Hang-up (loop current drop).
MaximumInterDigitTime16 Maximum Inter-digit detection reached.
MaximumTime32 Maximum time allowed expired.
Digit64 Specific digit received
Pattern128 Pattern matched silence off.
UserStopped256 Function stopped by user. (StopChannel)
EndOfData512 End of data/file. (Entire file played and finished.)
Tone8192 Tone on/off event
BargeIn32768 Barge In Detected
Speech262144 Speech Decoded Sucessfully
Error524288 I/O Device Error
MaximumData1048576 Maximum Data
Beep8388608 Beep Detected
OtherError-1 Any other unknown error.
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