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VoiceElements.Common Namespace

The Voice Elements common namespace provides a set of classes and tools used by both the server and client namespace classes.
Public classConferenceAttributes
a set of attributes that define how a resource behaves in a conference.
Public classElementsException
Public classHangupException
A class that encapsulates a specific voice elements hangup exception.
Public classLog
A class that provides all means for writing to logs, exceptions, etc.
Public classServerInfo
Summarizes your Voice Elements Server properties.
Public classTifConverter
A Class used to convert Tif Files to a format acceptable for faxing with Dialogic.
Public classUmcLibrary
Public classWaveUtility
A class for manipulating wave files.
Public enumerationCallPriority
The priority of the call.
Public enumerationCallProgress
Indicates the type of dialing to perform.
Public enumerationChannelEventType
Events fired by a Channel
Public enumerationCodec
The codec to use when playing, recording or streaming voice data.
Public enumerationConfereeMode
Enumeration for the conferee mode.
Public enumerationConfereeType
Enumeration for the conferee type.
Public enumerationConferenceAttendance
Specifies the type of attendance.
Public enumerationConferenceNotifyMode
Flags for the Conference Notify Mode.
Public enumerationDataFormat
The format of the data to expect or use on a play or record function.
Public enumerationDialMode
The type of Dial Mode to use when using the abstract Dialer class.
Public enumerationDialResult
Indicates the result of a outbound Dialing operation.
Public enumerationDialReturnType
Returns the result of the success conditions for the dialer commands.
Public enumerationDialType
The dial type to use.
Public enumerationFormatSpoken
Indicates the format to be spoken when playing numbers. Dates are not effected by this setting.
Public enumerationQosEventType
Indicates the type of Qos Event received.
Public enumerationState
Indicates the state of a thread or service.
Public enumerationSuccessCriteria
The success conditions for a call or set of calls.
Public enumerationTerminationCode
Various Dialogic termination conditions.