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ConferenceAttributes Class

a set of attributes that define how a resource behaves in a conference.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  VoiceElements.Common
Assembly:  VoiceElementsCommon (in VoiceElementsCommon.dll) Version:
public class ConferenceAttributes

The ConferenceAttributes type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAbsoluteVolume
Sets the Absolute Volume for this conferee. -24 to +12 DB - DM3 Only, Not HMP
Public propertyAutomaticGainControl
If set the system will enable AGC for this conferee.
Public propertyConfereeMode
The current mode of the conferee.
Public propertyConfereeType
The current type of the conferee
Public propertyDigitalFrontEnd
Enables or Disables Digital Front End processing.
Public propertyEchoCancellation
If set, the system will attempt to use echo cancellation for this conferee. (DM3/HMP only)
Public propertyMemberToneClamp
If set the system will clamp DTMF tones for this conferee.
Public propertyModerator
This party is considered a moderator.
Public propertyRelativeCurrentVolume
Sets the Relative Volume for the conferee. -36 to +36 DB - DM3 Only, Not HMP
Public propertyTariffTone
If set the system will play periodic tariff tones to this conferee.
Public methodStatic memberDeSerialize
Deserializes data from a binary reader into a Conference Attributes object.
Public methodSerialize
Serializes this instance via the supplied binary writer.
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