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DialResult Enumeration

Indicates the result of a outbound Dialing operation.

Namespace:  VoiceElements.Common
Assembly:  VoiceElementsCommon (in VoiceElementsCommon.dll) Version:
public enum DialResult
  Member nameValueDescription
Successful0 Successful - No call progress - successful.
CadenceBreak1 Perfectcall cadence break.
LoopCurrentDrop2 Perfectcall loop current drop.
HumanDetected3 Human answered. Positive Voice Detect.
MachineDetected4 Answering machine answered. Positive Answering Machine Detect.
PbxDetected5 Connected to PBX.
Busy7 Line was busy.
NoAnswer8 Nobody answered the phone.
NoRingback9 Never heard any ringing going on.
Connected10 Call connected.
OperatorIntercept11 That tone you get: be-be-beep. When the number is no good.
AnalysisStopped12 Call analysis stopped.
NoDialTone17 No dial tone detected.
FaxToneDetected18 A fax tone was detected.
Error256 An unknown error occurred.
Failed-1 Failed.
FastBusy16385 Fast Busy.
DestinationGroupExhausted16386 The Destination Group was used and no route was found for the call.
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