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PhaseEStatus Enumeration

Phase E information describing errors that occurred during the T.30 fax protocol

Namespace:  VoiceElements.Client
Assembly:  VoiceElementsClient (in VoiceElementsClient.dll) Version:
public enum PhaseEStatus
  Member nameValueDescription
NotSpecified0 Not Specified
EFX_T1EXPTX100 EFX_T1EXPTX -> 100 Timed out while waiting for a message
EFX_NODISTX101 EFX_NODISTX -> 101 Received other than DIS (Digital Identification Signal) while waiting for DIS
EFX_GOTDCNTX102 EFX_GOTDCNTX -> 102 Received a DCN (Disconnect) while waiting for a DIS (Digital Identification Signal)
EFX_BADDCSTX103 EFX_BADDCSTX -> 103 Received bad response to DCS (Digital Command Signal) or training
EFX_PHBDEADTX104 EFX_PHBDEADTX -> 104 Received no response to DCS (Digital Command Signal), training or TCF (Training Check)
EFX_NOISETX105 EFX_NOISETX -> 105 Too much noise at 2400 bps
EFX_BADPGTX106 EFX_BADPGTX -> 106 Received a DCN (Disconnect) from remote after sending a page
EFX_PHDDEADTX107 EFX_PHDDEADTX -> 107 No response after sending a page
EFX_TXCOMP108 EFX_TXCOMP -> 108 Remote site is not transmit compatible
EFX_RXCOMP109 EFX_RXCOMP -> 109 Remote site is not receive compatible
EFX_INVALRSPTX110 EFX_INVALRSPTX -> 110 Invalid response after sending a page
EFX_NOFINERECTX111 EFX_NOFINERECTX -> 111 Remote cannot receive fine resolution
EFX_T2EXPRX112 EFX_T2EXPRX -> 112 Timed out while waiting for a message
EFX_T2EXPMPSRX113 EFX_T2EXPMPSRX -> 113 Timed out while waiting for next fax page
EFX_T2EXPDCNRX114 EFX_T2EXPDCNRX -> 114 Timed out while waiting for DCN (Disconnect)
EFX_T2EXPDRX115 EFX_T2EXPDRX -> 115 Timed out while waiting for Phase D
EFX_INVALCMDRX116 EFX_INVALCMDRX -> 116 Unexpected command after page received
EFX_T2EXPFAXRX117 EFX_T2EXPFAXRX -> 117 Timed out while waiting for fax page
EFX_T2EXPRRRX118 EFX_T2EXPRRRX -> 118 Timer T2 expired waiting for RR command
EFX_T1EXPRX120 EFX_T1EXPRX -> 120 Timed out while waiting for a message
EFX_GOTDCSRX121 EFX_GOTDCSRX -> 121 DCS (Digital Command Signal) received while waiting for DTC
EFX_WHYDCNRX127 EFX_WHYDCNRX -> 127 Received unexpected DCN (Disconnect) while waiting for DCS (Digital Command Signal) / DIS (Digital Identification Signal)
EFX_DCNDATARX128 EFX_DCNDATARX -> 128 Unexpected DCN (Disconnect) while waiting for fax data
EFX_DCNFAXRX129 EFX_DCNFAXRX -> 129 Unexpected DCN (Disconnect) while waiting for EOM (End Of Message), EOP (End Of Procedure) or MPS (Multi-page Signal)
EFX_DCNPHDRX130 EFX_DCNPHDRX -> 130 Unexpected DCN (Disconnect) after EOM (End Of Message) or MPS (Multi-page Signal) sequence
EFX_DCNNORTNRX131 EFX_DCNNORTNRX -> 131 DCN (Disconnect) after requested retransmission
EFX_DCNRRDRX132 EFX_DCNRRDRX -> 132 Unexpected DCN (Disconnect) after RR/RNR sequence
EFX_BUSYCHN140 EFX_BUSYCHN -> 140 Request to start fax while channel is currently busy
EFX_COMMERRTX190 EFX_COMMERRTX -> 190 Transmit communication error
EFX_COMMERRRX191 EFX_COMMERRRX -> 191 Receiver communication error
EFX_NOFAXRX193 EFX_NOFAXRX -> 193 Timed out while waiting for first line
EFX_NOEOLRX194 EFX_NOEOLRX -> 194 Timed out while waiting for EOL (End Of Line)
EFX_NOCARRIERRX195 EFX_NOCARRIERRX -> 195 Lost carrier during fax receive
EFX_NXTCMDTX197 EFX_NXTCMDTX -> 197 Timed out waiting for next send_page command from driver
EFX_NXTCMDRX198 EFX_NXTCMDRX -> 198 Timed out waiting for next receive page command
EFX_ABORTCMD199 EFX_ABORTCMD -> 199 Command stopped by stop_fax firmware command
EFX_CHIPNORESP200 EFX_CHIPNORESP -> 200 Fax modem is not responding
EFX_NOWIDTHTX202 EFX_NOWIDTHTX -> 202 Remote cannot receive at this width
EFX_OPINTFAIL203 EFX_OPINTFAIL -> 203 Operator intervention failed
EFX_HDLCCARR204 EFX_HDLCCARR -> 204 Excessive HDLC carrier
EFX_PNSUCRX205 EFX_PNSUCRX -> 205 High speed training success not returned by modem during receive
EFX_ECMPHDTX211 EFX_ECMPHDTX -> 211 Invalid ECM response received from receiver
EFX_ECMPHDRX212 EFX_ECMPHDRX -> 212 Invalid ECM response received from transmitter
EFX_INVALMMRTX213 EFX_INVALMMRTX -> 213 Invalid input MMR data
EFX_SIGNALTIMEOUT214 EFX_SIGNALTIMEOUT -> 214 Signal timeout - no data or events received during GW session
EFX_DCNTIMEOUT215 EFX_DCNTIMEOUT -> 215 DCN timeout - GW session almost complete but no DCN received
EFX_BADIPADDRESS216 EFX_BADIPADDRESS -> 216 Bad IP address - T38 subsystem did not get remote IP address - check R4 application
EFX_CTBUSERROR217 EFX_CTBUSERROR -> 217 CTBus error w/TDM portion of GW session - check R4 application
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