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VoiceElements.Client Namespace

The Voice Elements Client namepace exposes all of the classes available specifically to client applications. A client application can run on any system under .NET and through accessing a Voice Elements server in "the cloud" or on the same machine, can execute any number of telephony and non telephony operations.
Public classBeepDetectionException
Public classCallProgressEventArgs
Event Arguments for Call Prg Events
Public classChallengeEventArgs
Event Arguments for Custom Message Events
Public classCode exampleChannelResource
The base class from which all Telephony Channel Types inheirit. It provides the basis for almost all telephony function execution.
Public classConference
Represents a conference between callers or Routable Resources.
Public classConferenceChangedEventArgs
Event Args for the Conference Changed Event
Public classConnectionLostEventArgs
Constructs the Event Arguments for the ConnectionLost Event.
Public classConnectionRestoredEventArgs
Arguments for the ConnectionRestoredEventArgs Event
Public classCustomMessageEventArgs
Event Arguments for Custom Message Events
Public classDialCompleteEventArgs
The event arguments for the DialComplete event.
Public classDigitEventArgs
The event arguments passed in a Digit event.
Public classDisconnectedEventArgs
The event arguments for the disconnected event.
Public classFaxResource
Represents a single Fax Resource on the Telephony Server.
Public classFaxStatusEventArgs
The event arguments passed in a FaxStatus event.
Public classFaxToneException
Public classMessageRequestEventArgs
Event aguments for the OnSessionStatsData event
Public classNewCallEventArgs
The event arguments that are supplied with a new call event including a reference to the assigned Channel Resource.
Public classPortStateChangeEventArgs
Arguments used in a port state change.
Public classRoutableResource
Represents any resource that can be routed to aother resource.
Public classSipChannel
Represents a SIP based channel on the Telephony Server and supports SIP speicifc fundtions like Refer, Reinvite. Inherits from Channel Resource.
Public classStreamingStateEventArgs
Event Arguments for Call Prg Events
Public classTelephonyServer
This is the primary class providing the available methods and properties exposed by the Voice Elements Telephony Server hosting the telephony resources.
Public classTelephonyServerLogin
Login information for the Telephony Server.
Public classCode exampleVoiceResource
This is the basic object for executing all media based functions including playing, recording, capturing, transmitting and all forms of media handling.
Public classWebRtcChannel
Public delegateCallProgressEvent
Delegate for Call Progress Events
Public delegateChallengeEvent
Delegate for Challenge Events
Public delegateConferenceChanged
A delegate for the Conference Changed Event
Public delegateConnectionLost
The event that is fired when the connection to the server is lost.
Public delegateConnectionRestored
The event that is fired when the connection to the server is reset.
Public delegateCustomMessageEvent
Delegate for Custom Message Events
Public delegateDialComplete
The delegate for the DialComplete event.
Public delegateDigit
A delegate for the Digit event.
Public delegateDisconnected
The delegate for the Disconnected event.
Public delegateFaxStatus
A delegate for the FaxStatus event.
Public delegateMessageRequest
An event to provide notification of pending SUBSCRIBE, NOTIFY and REGISTER messages.
Public delegateNewCall
A delegate for the event that is fired when a new call arrives from the Voice Elements Server.
Public delegatePortStateChange
A delegate used to fire the port state change event.
Public delegateStreamingStateEvent
Delegate for Streaming State Events
Public enumerationFaxBaudRate
The Fax transfer rate (in Baud) of the last page.
Public enumerationFaxEcmMode
The Fax session's ECM mode.
Public enumerationFaxEncoding
The Fax encoding scheme between the transmitter and receiver.
Public enumerationFaxErrorCode
Faxing Error Codes for Use with HmpElements
Public enumerationFaxPageBase
The base numbering system of the TIFF file
Public enumerationFaxPhaseDCommand
The Fax Phase D Command.
Public enumerationFaxPhaseDReply
The Fax Phase D Reply.
Public enumerationFaxResolution
The vertical resolution of the page that is sent or received.
Public enumerationFaxResult
The result of the last Fax operation.
Public enumerationFaxState
The current state of the Fax channel device.
Public enumerationFaxTerminationMask
A bitmap of termination reasons
Public enumerationFaxWidth
The value of the negotiated width (in pixels per line) of the fax page
Public enumerationMediaOption
Media Options for WebRTC
Public enumerationMediaType
MediaTypes for WebRTC
Public enumerationPhaseBStatus
Phase B status bitmap
Public enumerationPhaseEStatus
Phase E information describing errors that occurred during the T.30 fax protocol