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FaxResult Enumeration

The result of the last Fax operation.

Namespace:  VoiceElements.Client
Assembly:  VoiceElementsClient (in VoiceElementsClient.dll) Version:
public enum FaxResult
  Member nameValueDescription
RemoteDisconnect-2 Operation cancelled due to RemoteDisconnect
Error-1 Unknown Error Condition
Normal0 Normal (Success)
NotImplemented256 EFX_NOTIMP -> 0x0100 (Function not implemented)
Polled257 EFX_POLLED -> 0x0101 (Received poll from remote)
NoPoll258 EFX_NOPOLL -> 0x0102 (Remote did not accept poll)
NotCompatible259 EFX_COMPAT -> 0x0103 (Hardware incapable of transmitting at specified width and resolution)
BadTiff260 EFX_BADTIF -> 0x0104 (Incorrect TIFF/F format)
BadTag261 EFX_BADTAG -> 0x0105 (Incorrect values for TIFF/F tags)
NoPage262 EFX_NOPAGE -> 0x0106 (Specified page missing in TIFF/F file)
Disconnect263 EFX_DISCONNECT -> 0x0107 (Remote has disconnected)
RetryDisconnect264 EFX_RETRYDCN -> 0x0108 (Disconnected after specifed retries)
BadIott265 EFX_BADIOTT -> 0x0109 (DF_IOTT has incorrect entries)
BadPage266 EFX_BADPAGE -> 0x010A (Not a valid page in TIFF/F file)
NoState267 EFX_NOSTATE -> 0x010B (Initial state not set)
BadState268 EFX_BADSTATE -> 0x010C (Incorrect value for initial state)
MaxChanCapacity269 EFX_MAXCHAN -> 0x010D (max chan capacity reached)
NoMemory270 EFX_NOMEM -> 0x010E (cannot allocate memory for more pages)
InvalidArgument271 EFX_INVALARG -> 0x010f (invalid argument to function)
InvalidFunction272 EFX_INVALFUNC -> 0x0110 (invalid call to function - calling)
NoFaxCapability273 EFX_NOFAX -> 0x0111 (no fax capability on this board)
NotIdle274 EFX_NOTIDLE -> 0x0112 (channel is not idle)
BadParameter275 EFX_BADPARM -> 0x0113 (Invalid value for fax parameter)
BadTiffHeader276 EFX_BADTFHDR -> 0x0114 (Bad TIFF/F header)
Unsupported277 EFX_UNSUPPORTED -> 0x0115 (Unsupported feature)
FirmwareVersion278 EFX_RDFWVER -> 0x0116 (Error reading firmware version)
NsfBuffer280 EFX_NSFBUFF -> 0x0118 (NSF buffer less than 2 bytes long)
NoData281 EFX_NODATA -> 0x0119 (Requested data not available)
NoTimeSlot282 EFX_NOTIMESLOT -> 0x011A (No timeslot assigned to Fax channel)
InvalidFont283 EFX_INVALID_FONT -> 0x011B (Invalid font in font file)
InvalidCommandData507 EFX_CMDDATA -> 0x01fb (Invalid cmd/data sent to Firmware)
FirmwareError508 EFX_FWERROR -> 0x01fc (Firmware Error)
BadPhase509 EFX_BADPHASE -> 0x01fd (unexpected phase transition)
DriverError510 EFX_DRVERROR -> 0x01fe (Error in Driver)
LibraryError511 EFX_LIBERROR -> 0x01ff (Error in library state machine)
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