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ChannelResourceSetMonitorData Method

Sets the Monitor Data element for this channel when viewed through the Voice Elements Dashboard. This is a collection of data elements you define to communicate from your application through the VE Dashboard.

Namespace:  VoiceElements.Client
Assembly:  VoiceElementsClient (in VoiceElementsClient.dll) Version:
public void SetMonitorData(
	string key,
	string value,
	bool clearFlag


Type: SystemString
This is the key of the data element you wish to add or change. Some samples are: "Agent ID", "Phone Number", "ANI"
Type: SystemString
This is any string value you wish to convey through the dashboard as the value of the key changes.
Type: SystemBoolean
This flag will clear the previous data in the key if true. False will add a new key if the one specified exists.
This is an arbitrary collection of key value pairs that will appear associated with this channel of the application through the Voice Elements Dashbaord. Usually you would set these to information about the channel, like "phone number", "agent ID" or something meaningful for the dashbaord user for this channel and current inforation about the channel. For more information on using the dashboard, see Using the Voice Elements Dashboard. Note that you can also set the status element for the channel in the dashboard using the Set Monitor Status Method.
The example below shows a setting the status and data elements for the channel for the dashboard.
public void SetupChannelForDashBoard()
// To get a channel, you must first get a link to a Telephony Server.  You may need to pass a username password here.
TelephonyServer m_TelephonyServer = new TelephonyServer();

// Get your channel resource from the server
ChannelResource m_ChannelResource = m_TelephonyServer.GetChannel();

// Set the status to "available" for dashboard Users

// Set a data element of AgentID to 1 and set flag to clear exiting key if exists
m_ChannelResource.SetMonitorData("AgentID", "1", true);

// Set a data element of AgentName to "Bugs Bunny" and set flag to clear exiting key if exists
m_ChannelResource.SetMonitorData("AgentName", "Bugs Bunny", true);
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