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TelephonyServer Properties

The TelephonyServer type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutoAssignVoiceResources
Specifies whether the server auomatically assigns Voice Resources to Channel Resource Objects when created. Default and recommeded is true.
Public propertyCacheMode
Defines which Sound File Cache Mode the client and server use to store and or stream audio between them.
Public propertyCacheName
The specific name of the cache to use on the server. This is valid only when using Sound File Cache Mode of "Client Named".
Public propertyDialMode
The Dial Mode to use when placing calls using the abstract Dialer class and QueueCall, or StartCall commands.
Public propertyStatic memberState
The Current State of the Telephony Server. This will tell you if it is running, stopped, etc.
Public propertyUrl
The URL of the Telephony Server to which this client is connected.
Public propertyUsername
The user name that was used to connect to the Telephony Server.
Public propertyVoices
An Array of valid Voices for use with TTS.
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