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FaxStatusEventArgs Properties

The FaxStatusEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBadPage
The fax page number (if error during processing) within the DF_IOTT structure that is being processed when an error occurs
Public propertyBadScanLines
The number of bad scan lines detected and replaced in the last page transmitted or received
Public propertyBadTag
The invalid TIFF/F tag number (if error during processing)
Public propertyDuration
The duration of the fax session.
Public propertyFaxBaudRate
The transfer rate
Public propertyFaxEcmMode
Fax session's ECM mode
Public propertyFaxEncoding
The fax encoding scheme between the transmitter and receiver.
Public propertyFaxErrorCode
Returns the PhaseEStatus as a FaxErrorCode
Public propertyFaxPageBase
The base numbering system of the TIFF file
Public propertyFaxPhaseDCommand
The Phase D command
Public propertyFaxPhaseDReply
The Phase D reply
Public propertyFaxResolution
The vertical resolution of the page that is sent or received
Public propertyFaxState
Current state of fax channel device.
Public propertyFaxTerminationMask
A bitmap of termination reasons
Public propertyFaxWidth
The value of the negotiated width (in pixels per line) of the fax page
Public propertyNegativeRetrainPages
The number of RTN pages; that is, the number of received pages for which the receiver returned an RTN (RetrainNegative) message to the remote transmitter
Public propertyNoTag
returns missing TIFF/F mandatory tag number
Public propertyPagesTransferred
Number of pages transferred
Public propertyPhaseBStatus
Phase B status bitmap
Public propertyPhaseEStatus
Phase E information describing errors that occurred during the T.30 fax protocol
Public propertyRemoteCSID
The CSID of the remote side.
Public propertyScanLines
The number of scan lines in the last page transmitted or received
Public propertyTransferByteCount
The number of bytes transferred.
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