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VoiceElements.Interface Namespace

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:VoiceElements.Interface"]

Public structureFileInformation
Public enumerationCacheMode
Defines the mode in which the server stores and transfers sound files.
Public enumerationFaxMode
The underlying protocol being used to transmit and send faxes.
Public enumerationPortState
Indicates if a port is currently in or out of service.
Public enumerationRtpEncryptionMode
The requested encryption mode for the call's RTP stream
Public enumerationRtpEncryptionState
The current encryption state of the RTP stream.
Public enumerationRtpType
The type of audio stream to use for the call, essentially the audio codec.
Public enumerationSipStatusCode
Status of the last Sip operation.
Public enumerationSpeechRecognitionMode
Specifies if speech recognition spans a single play or multiple plays.
Public enumerationStreamDirection
The direction of the sudio stream.
Public enumerationStreamDuplex
The mode of the audio stream, essentially which directions are active or listening to the other.
Public enumerationStreamingStateEvent
The status of the audio stream