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Voice Elements supports Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. Text-to-Speech converts written text into speech. TTS is also known as synthetic speech or speech synthesis. High-quality speech synthesis is needed in any situation where natural-sounding and clear verbal communication is required, but where the delivery of live or pre-recorded human voices is prohibitively expensive or insufficiently flexible.

Voice Elements contains a direct connection to TTS software from many different sources and options, including but not limited to:

Try out some of the voices for size for use with Voice Elements on our Text to Speech Voice Demo Page. Find the one you like and use Voice Elements to get it deployed quickly.

For more information and tips or tricks to TTS, see our Text to Speech Tips Article.

Getting Started with TTS

As with Speech Recognition, we have included a sample application that demonstrates the use of Text-to-Speech technology. The sample illustrates how to receive an inbound call and how to instruct a voice resource to “speak” the entered text. To use this sample, select “Text To Speech” in the “Use this sample for inbound calls” drop down menu in the toolbar of the Voice Elements demo.

You can use our TTS resources for testing purposes within the 120 minute trial of Voice Elements through our Telephony Bank.