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SipStatusCode Enumeration

Status of the last Sip operation.

Namespace:  VoiceElements.Interface
Assembly:  VoiceElementsInterface (in VoiceElementsInterface.dll) Version:
public enum SipStatusCode
  Member nameValueDescription
CERR_Error-1 Error
C000_NormalClearing0 Normal Clearing
C100_Trying100 Trying
C180_Ringing180 Ringing
C181_CallIsBeingForwarded181 Call is Being Forwarded
C182_Queued182 Queued
C183_SessionProgress183 Session Progress
C200_OK200 OK
C300_MultipleChoices300 Multiple Choices
C301_MovedPermanently301 Moved Permanently
C302_MovedTemporarily302 Moved Temporarily
C305_UseProxy305 Use Proxy
C380_AlternativeService380 Alternative Service
C400_BadRequest400 Bad Request
C401_Unauthorized401 Unauthorized
C402_PaymentRequired402 Payment Required
C403_Forbidden403 Forbidden
C404_NotFound404 Not Found
C405_MethodNotAllowed405 Method Not Allowed
C406_NotAcceptable406 Not Acceptable
C407_ProxyAuthenticationRequired407 Proxy Authentication Required
C408_RequestTimeout408 Request Timeout
C410_Gone410 Gone
C413_RequestEntityTooLarge413 Request Entity Too Large
C414_RequestUriTooLarge414 Request Uri Too Large
C415_UnsupportedMediaType415 Unsupported Media Type
C416_UnsupportedUriScheme416 Unsupported Uri Scheme
C420_BadExtension420 Bad Extension
C421_ExtensionRequired421 Extension Required
C423_IntervalTooBrief423 Interval Too Brief
C480_TemporarilyNotAvailable480 Temporarily Not Available
C481_CallLegTransactionDoesNotExist481 Call Leg Transaction Does Not Exist
C482_LoopDetected482 Loop Detected
C483_TooManyHops483 Too Many Hops
C484_AddressIncomplete484 Address Incomplete
C485_Ambiguous485 Ambiguous
C486_BusyHere486 Busy Here
C487_RequestTerminated487 Request Terminated
C488_NotAcceptableHere488 Not Acceptable Here
C491_RequestPending491 Request Pending
C493_Undecipherable493 Undecipherable
C500_InternalServerError500 Internal Server Error
C501_NotImplemented501 Not Implemented
C502_BadGateway502 Bad Gateway
C503_ServiceUnavailable503 Service Unavailable
C504_ServerTimeOut504 Server Time Out
C505_SipVersionNotSupported505 Sip Version Not Supported
C513_MessageTooLarge513 Message Too Large
C600_BusyEverywhere600 BusyEverywhere
C603_Decline603 Decline
C604_DoesNotExistAnywhere604 Does Not Exist Anywhere
C606_NotAcceptable606 Not Acceptable
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