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Voice Elements Installation

Voice Elements Installation

Once you have saved and opened the zip file, you should see two setup programs, setup.exe and VoiceElementsClientSetup.msi. Click on the setup.exe file to install Voice Elements.

The following welcome screen will appear:

Welcome Screen

Once you click next, please read and accept the End User License Agreement to move to the next step. You will then be prompted to select the folder you wish to store the Sample Project.

Select Project Folder

Next, you can choose if you wish to run the Sample Application or the Quick Start Guide once the installation is complete. After this screen you will choose the folder for the Voice Elements installer to install the software to.

Select Installation Folder

At this point you will be prompted to enter your license key. Your license key is provided to you in an email that should already be in your inbox. Enter your license key then click “Ok.”

License Manager

Congratulations, you now have Voice Elements installed and can move on to testing the configuration and sample application code and launching your first project.